Monday, September 7, 2009

Lulu's First Concert......Revive!!

This guy is Rich...funny thing is he asked Tyler to have his picture with him...because he called Tyler Mini Rich....he said he looked just like Tyler when he was that age.

Gator Release

Our friend Nicole is a Wildlife Rehabilitator. We went with her to release 2 gators that had been taken from some people who had captured them and out them in their pool.

July 4th Fun

Photo Shoot

Random pictures Morgan has taken!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Around the House


Cade practicing being married

Nap Time

Lucy wants to know why I disturbed her nap

Kelsey practicing supervising

Lucy the week we got her

Jacksonville Zoo

Mema and Grandaddy took us to the zoo!!! We really enjoyed it.

King Julian

The kids fed the giraffes.


Tyler thinking

Ooops up close I realize this is not Tyler
As Resa would say look it's the pink amingas

Tyler feeding them

The baby was happy that Cade was shorter

oh my you would not realize how difficult it is to decide what animal to ride

squirrel monkeys

Feeding the birdies nectar


the down fall of Tyler's phone

too tired to eat

In the treehouse

Koi fish

Komodo dragon

feeding nectar to the birdies

whooping cranes nesting in a tree




elephant drinking...can you imagine having to suck your water up your nose and then drinking yuck!



this is a bunny that snuck into the zoo

Stingray Bay